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Angular2: method callback type in TypeScript

Angular2: method callback type in TypeScript

It's my third post about Angular2 and TypeScript as I'm creating an admin console for OctoPerf load testing platform.


This article explains how to set a type for callbacks. If, like me, you are used to AngularJS you may often use callbacks for asynchronous calls, typically for HTTP requests.

I wrote a StripeClient service that can return the list of my Customers. In pure JavaScript it would be fairly simple as you don't need to give a type to your callback.

In Angular2 / TypeScript

In TypeScript it's a bit more complicated, but cleaner.

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First I need to define my customer:

export class Customer{
  constructor(public email: string, public id:string) {

Then the method getCustomers of the StripeClient service:

getCustomers(callback: (customers: Customer[])=>void) {
    this.http.get(stripeUrl + '/customers', {headers: this.getAuthHeaders()})
      .map(res => res.json())
      .subscribe(paginatedList => callback(<Customer[]>;

This method uses the Http Service to call the Stripe API. It has only one parameter: the callback function.

The type for the callback is (customers: Customer[])=>void a method that takes a Customer array as a parameter and returns nothing. I don't know why be we have to give a name to our customers array.

This method simply calls its callback with the customers returned by the API call. We need to cast the result when doing so: callback(<Customer[]>

Stripe returns paginated lists, and we need to make successive calls to their API to get all our customers, plans, etc. It's a good scenario to learn more about generics in TypeScript.

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