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Adeo - Case study

Adeo is the European leader in the home improvement and DIY market, and number 3 worldwide. Its companies : Leroy Merlin, Bricoman, Weldom, Zôdio… Gather 150 000 leaders and more than 1000 sales points over 20 countries.

Teams all over the world enable ADEO companies be useful to inhabitants while making home a positive place to live.

Thomas Pitteman
Thomas Pitteman Very fond of everything related to computers, he worked in the transport industry before merging work with passion by joining Adeo in 2018. He is now head of load testing, responsible for harmonizing testing methodologies and the onboarding process. He was also an important part of the benchmarking process which resulted in the selection of Octoperf as the new load testing tool.

Marc Lavieville
Marc Lavieville is lead Quality Manager at Adeo. Always attracted to innovations and new challenges, he worked in many different fields before ending up creating the team responsible for quality management at Leroy Merlin. Since that project was a success, and with the emergence of platform mode operation, he was asked to contribute that team to the whole Adeo group.

While load testing was gaining traction in the company, limitations from the usual tool, were found and prevented an easy growth:

  • 5 parallel runs limitation, that could only be upgraded through a very expensive license modification,
  • Floating licensing policy which only allowed 5000 concurrent Vus for the entire company,
  • Load tests duration capped at 8 hours,
  • Insufficient resources on the load generators (2CPU / 8Gb Ram),
  • The lack of a strong relationship with the tool's support team.

All those limitations pushed ADEO to begin the process of acquiring a new tool.

BivwAk! - Case study

BivwAk! is the transformation hub for BNP Paribas. Its goal is to bring new services and skillsets at the crossroad of all BNP Paribas entities. It's in this context that Dino learned about OctoPerf.

Dino Dona
Dino Dona is the QA lead at BivwAk! He handles all the testing-related activities.
Dino is very passionate about testing because it's a constantly evolving space.
With new methodologies and tools emerging all the time.

We met Dino at the french testing event JFTL. After a short discussion it was clear that OctoPerf would be a very good fit at BivwAk!

Pearson - Case study

Pearson, founded in the 19th century, is one of the world leaders in providing education services all around the globe.

Francisco Muniz is the Performance Architect for Pearson, responsible for Performance Alignment across Pearson's Virtual Learning. This position entails working with many different parts of the organization, such as Architecture, Development, and QA.

As such, Francisco was leading and overseeing the important Octoperf and Loadrunner software switching project.

The solution in place was LoadRunner, a legacy solution. This meant re-thinking the strategy in many areas, including performance testing.

Francisco Muniz
Francisco Muniz is the Principal Performance Architect for Pearson, responsible for Performance alignment across Pearson's Global organization.
As such, he was leading and overseeing that important software switching project.

The legacy solution in place was LoadRunner.

This meant re-thinking the strategy in many areas, including performance testing.

Qytera - Case study

Qytera software is a company dedicated to providing fast and effective quality assurance for their customers. Their area of expertise includes Test Management, Test Automation, Continuous Testing and Agile Testing. All of this centered around the latest web and mobile technologies.

Prajakta Gadilkar
Moritz Salein is a Senior test manager & test automation developer at Qytera
As part of an incoming load test campaign, he was looking for a solution to easily scale his JMeter tests.
His challenge was that he had to generate a huge amount of load from various locations in the cloud
but the customer wasn't exactly sure of how much load had to be generated.

Decathlon - Case study

Decathlon is a network of innovative retail chains and brands providing enjoyment for all sports people.

At Decathlon, 85,000 of co-workers live a common Purpose on a daily basis: To sustainably make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the many.

Decathlon presently operates in 58 countries in Retail with more than 1654 sport hypermarkets, and in 26 countries with Production.

At Decathlon, innovation is at the heart of all activities: from research to retail, including conception, design, production and logistics. Signed sport teams channel all their energy into developing technical, good-looking and simple products, always at the lowest possible prices.

These products are aimed at all sports enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, and are sold at Decathlon.

Nicolas Zangari
Nicolas Zangari, the digital platform manager at Decathlon was actively looking for better, simpler load testing solutions than legacy tools.
Nicolas had previously heard about OctoPerf during a french testing event called JFTL.
He was looking out for a tool for his project since the RFID API was being redesigned and would soon require testing.