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Multiple User Login Using JMeter


You want to simulate a realistic load test where every user is having a unique user session. You application may only accept one user login per account at a time. You want each concurrent user to pick a different login password.

It's way more realistic to simulate concurrent users using unique logins and passwords because it's closer to the real world load. It's a good practice to avoid using a single user login and password for all concurrent users. Typically, web servers create web sessions per account. Using a single account for multiple users can mess up things on server side pretty quickly.


JMeter provides a facility to manage login and password: CSV Dataset Config. By defining a CSV file containing all the login and password couples, JMeter can pick a line from the file on each user iteration and assign them into variables.

Fix JMeter SNI Issue

SNI is the acronym for Server Name Indication:

Server Name Indication (SNI) is an extension to the TLS computer networking protocol by which a client indicates which hostname it is attempting to connect to at the start of the handshaking process.

SNI extension may not work with legacy web-servers who doesn't support it. Fortunately, SNI extension can be disabled in JMeter. JMeter is a Java program. Java has enabled SNI support in Java 7. The issue is typically displayed in JMeter as an SSLHandshakeException, with message like handshake_failure or handshake alert: unrecognized_name.

JMeter uses HTTPClient to perform Http Requests. HttpClient uses the Java JDK SSL support mechanism. Therefore, disabling SNI support in the Java Virtual Machine will disable SNI in HttpClient.

How to Use JMeter While Controller

JMeter's While controller is best suited for advanced scripts which simulate realistic user behaviors. It allows to define a behavior which occurs on a certain condition. Designing realistic behaving users involves designing users whose behavior depends on the server responses, and act accordingly.

This post explores in details various JMeter While usages and explains them thoroughly.

While Controller

Your monthly dose of new features

Now that we prepare to enter winter, our developers do not need an excuse to stay at home and code new features. Plus since the weather is cool here they will not be distracted by snow. Which is why even though our latest post about new features was just 6 weeks ago, here we are again with a new batch. Oh and don't worry for them, as long as we pay them 1€ at the end of each month; it's technically not slavery!

Privalia - Case study

E-commerce growth predictions estimate that the market size will likely double and even triple between 2014 and 2021. This translates to a constant need to improve user experience and performances. Privalia as a company is particularly aware of this situation.

Founded in 2006, Privalia holds short brand oriented flash sales on several markets like Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Italy. Privalia belongs to the vente-privee Group, creator and worldwide leader of flash sales concept.

Philippe Donon
Philippe Donon, the architecture team leader at privalia is always on the lookout for new solutions to build better software.
As architecture leader, Philippe is also the manager of the performance team at Privalia. Team that is also directed by Alex Garcia.
This team regroups a lot of skill sets and relies on a mix of the best tools available for APM, monitoring, etc.