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JMeter Result Analysis: The Ultimate Guide

I'm sure you agree that: There are so many ways to collect and interpret JMeter Results, you feel lost.

Well, it turns out after reading this post, you will know 12 different ways to collect and analyze results!

We're going to explore every single possible way to get insightful metrics, including graphs, charts, tables, html reports and more. JMeter is such a complex tool with so many amazing possibilities that it becomes difficult to know what to do.

This ultimate guide about How To Analyze JMeter Results will jump start your JMeter knowledge.

JMeter Out Of Memory: 12 Actionable Fixes

If you're here, it's because you've probably experienced Java Heap Space exceptions while running JMeter. Isn't it?

JMeter Out Of Memory exceptions happen during a heavy load tests, with the following log lines appearing in jmeter.log:

2017/10/01 13:35:16 ERROR - jmeter.threads.JMeterThread: Test failed! java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

It can also be a message like Unable to create new native Thread. Don't panic!

You'll learn 12 ways to get ride of memory issues and get a better understanding of how the JVM works.

Optimize JMeter for large scale tests

I'm sure you already have experience intense moments of loneliness trying to run distributed tests with JMeter. Am I wrong?

Sometimes, you hate JMeter solely for that reason. You've sweated blood trying to get the whole machinery up and running. I know this feeling. Want to know a secret? No, even better. Want to know 31 tips to fix JMeter distributed testing issues? I already see you smiling again!

Tips and tricks

We have compiled a huge list of all the practical tips and tricks to easily scale JMeter. Let's dive into the subject!

  1. Run From Command Line: avoid using JMeter UI during load tests, it can eat a lot of memory: -n -t script.jmx results.jtl

OctoPerf 7.2 is released

We recently released a new minor version of OctoPerf. It includes many improvements in terms of usability and also support for a new monitoring technology. Let's have a look at these.

Usage logs

One of the main feedback from our large customers was about how difficult it can be to follow the activity on a workspace. We decided to implement a new section in the subscription page that will log every test done on the current workspace: Usage Logs

OctoPerf enterprise edition

I am pleased to announce a very important Milestone in OctoPerf's history. OctoPerf is releasing it's Enterprise Edition, an OctoPerf version you can install anywhere and use to run your own tests.

It's been a couple of years since we originally launched OctoPerf and I consider myself lucky to have been part of this adventure. We keep the development pace very high to meet our challenges and are happy now to propose a solution able to deal with high security requirements. The OctoPerf Enterprise Edition is on par with the SaaS solution in terms of features and User Interface. It is still the same easy to learn, quick and price attractive software , but now you can host all data yourself. You own everything. Like our SaaS platform you can use it for free with up to 50 concurrent users. You are not limited in number of test, duration or features. Feel free to give it a try.

If you want to find out more about the required configuration to run it, this is covered in the Enterprise Edition documentation.