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OctoPerf enterprise edition

OctoPerf enterprise edition

I am pleased to announce a very important Milestone in OctoPerf's history. OctoPerf is releasing it's Enterprise Edition, an OctoPerf version you can install anywhere and use to run your own tests.

It's been a couple of years since we originally launched OctoPerf and I consider myself lucky to have been part of this adventure. We keep the development pace very high to meet our challenges and are happy now to propose a solution able to deal with high security requirements. The OctoPerf Enterprise Edition is on par with the SaaS solution in terms of features and User Interface. It is still the same easy to learn, quick and price attractive software , but now you can host all data yourself. You own everything. Like our SaaS platform you can use it for free with up to 50 concurrent users. You are not limited in number of test, duration or features. Feel free to give it a try.

If you want to find out more about the required configuration to run it, this is covered in the Enterprise Edition documentation.

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Quick setup


To get your hands on a local OctoPerf very quickly, we have prepared a Vagrant Box for you. Please follow the Quick setup guide described in our documentation.

We rely on vagrant and virtualbox to install a virtual machine that contains all the required components. The frontend, backend, database and agents will be installed automatically on this machine. It is a very good way to discover the full on premise edition and benefit from the free 50 concurrent users.

Advanced setup

EE graph

Now if you want to get serious about this and have your own manageable OctoPerf platform in-house, please follow the Advanced setup procedure described in our documentation.

It mostly consists in installing Rancher. Which means there are a few steps to follow, but once it is done you just add the OctoPerf catalog and you will have your own OctoPerf running in a matter of minutes. Also note that updating OctoPerf EE to the new version is as simple as a click in Rancher interface.

Saas To On-Premise Challenge

Splitting an existing SaaS software to be capable of running both in SaaS and fully on-premise has proven to be challenging. We wouldn't be able to achieve this incredible milestone so fast if we weren't obsessed with quality. We had several challenges to overcome:

  • Adapt the payment system: support both online subscription in SaaS, and License Files in On-Premise setup,
  • Offer an easy way to install our software: it shouldn't require much technical knowledge,
  • Keep the product modular: share as many moving parts as possible between both products to minimize maintenance.

We have worked hard over the last 6 months to make this possible today.

A complete performance center

Another benefit of using Rancher is that load balancing the infrastructure is very easy to achieve if you plan on running a lot of large tests. Also, it provides an interface where you can manage your host agents, restart them, SSH them, monitor them and access any logs. Coupled with all of OctoPerf features, like the rights management you will have a complete performance center in your hands. For instance you will be able to allow some members of your team to work only on a specific project and limit access to some load generators only.

Of course if you are already familiar with the SaaS version you know about these features already, otherwise just keep in mind that both the SaaS and Enterprise Edition of OctoPerf share the same features.

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