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Another batch of fresh new features

Another batch of fresh new features

I know it's hot outside and you feel like you're missing out on your precious sun tan, but that doesn't mean folks at OctoPerf stopped working. In fact we've been working on major features, but more on that in a later post, today, I'd like to talk about the little things that will make you life even easier.

Advanced rights management

Well the first one is a not-so-little thing, we listened to feedbacks regarding the workspace and rights system and implemented an upgraded version. Previously, you could only give access to an entire workspace, which would not be convenient when collaborating with another team or working for several different customers. Since you might not want to allow someone to view or edit all your projects but just a particular one. Which is why we've added advanced rights management:


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As you can see it is possible to allow someone on a given project only or a list of projects if you like. The same goes for providers, which means you can avoid sharing your testing infrastructure with everyone in this workspace. Or in case you have several teams working in different locations, they can have access only to their test infrastructure. This will make collaborative work even easier for large teams while keeping the old system as well in case you need lesser options.


In case you don't know what the APDEX is, and to avoid myself a copy paste, there's a great definition on wikipedia: APDEX

But as i know some of you are too lazy to bother (well I know I am), let's say that the APDEX is a standard index for performance in applications. It gives a value between 0 and 1, 1 being 100% compliant with the objectives.

And you can now use this index in OctoPerf reports:


And even in graphs:


You can edit the thresholds with a simple configuration menu:

APDEX Configuration

Download JMX and/or project resources

Exporting a script from OctoPerf back to JMeter is possible since a long time, but previously you had to use our API to download all the resources of your project. Well not anymore:

Export resources

Sanity check improvements

Another key topic is to improve the sanity check. It's a very quick way to prevent common mistakes like using several times the same column name in a csv or a recording without clearing the cookies:

Sanity check

Of course there are many other checks we do on variables and other items so that you don't waste time or tests. And we're alway eager to add new ones!

Improved correlation rules

Correlation rules are a great way to handle dynamic values automatically. That is provided the extracted value corresponds to the value to replace. In some situations you must extract a value that contains HTML escaped chars but when it is used later these chars are not escaped anymore.

For example here, the '&' sign is replaced with '\&' in the response:

Correlation rule

Well now our correlation engine handles this for you automatically. We will extract and replace the value with the right function around it, in our case we want to unescape the HTML chars:

Correlation result

Keeping our infrastructure up to date

We are also pleased to announce that we migrated to the latest version of elasticsearch: ElasticSearch 5.5.0

As a general rule, we always update all our components to the latest version to avoid any security issue.

More features at the same price

To finish this list I'd like to pinpoint that even though we keep adding features to OctoPerf our price list remains the same. We really focus on making testing more accessible so you can expect this trend to continue. And a big thank to all our customers that make this adventure possible.

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