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Continuous Integration Load Testing with Jenkins

Continuous Integration Load Testing with Jenkins

We're proud to announce that we released our Jenkins / Hudson plugin to run load tests from your favorite Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery service. The sooner you detect a performance issue the quicker the bottleneck can be found and fixed.

We believe that Continuous Integration Load Testing is the key to help companies deliver high performance web applications in time. Applications today not only need to pass unit and integration tests to ensure proper operation, but also acceptance tests like performance tests to ensure it behaves correctly under load.

The new OctoPerf Jenkins plugins allows you to leverage the power of our hybrid cloud / on-premise load testing solution as part of your development / testing build cycle. This significantly simplifies load testing web application for developers and testers. Each load test can leverage the power of our infrastructure to run thousands of virtual users.

Our highly scalable infrastructure will take care of launching as many virtual users as you need every time you run a Jenkins build. It makes load testing large scale web applications on a regular basis significantly easier.

Regression Testing

Continuous Performance Testing

OctoPerf is JMeter on steroids!
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Our plugin seamlessly integrates with Jenkins / Hudson automation server to run load tests automatically when a new build is triggered. By automating your load tests during the development phase, you can easily spot performance regression as your application evolves.

By using response assertions to check the content of the responses, it's even possible to run functional tests at scale.

Continuous Performance Testing

Our plugin produces JUnit report which perfectly integrate with Jenkins JUnit Plugin to provide performance trends on successful and failed business transactions.

Online Reporting

Online Test Report

Bench reports that include real-time performance metrics are stored as part of the Jenkins build as well as online on our servers. Get deep insight on what happened during the load testing by using our unmatched performance reporting capabilities.

The continuous load testing revolution starts here!

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