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Load Testing Reports Exporting

Load Testing Reports Exporting

This short post describes the modifications made to OctoPerf for its last update, and how they can help you save time while load testing.

Our goal is, and has always been, to ease the work of load testers. Creating test reports using Word / Excel can take a lot of time.

Exporting the report

That's why we automated this process in OctoPerf, our load testing solution. Even as your performance bench is running, you can edit the generated report:

  • List errors to check that your virtual users are properly configured,
  • Add various charts to identify performance bottleneck,
  • Insert text to explain what could be donne to improve response times,
  • Give your conclusions to the stakeholders.

You can have a complete test report, ready to be delivered, as soon as the bench ends. And now, you can directly export it from OctoPerf into a PDF file.

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It's as simple as clicking on the button. The view then switches to the export mode. And your report is pre-formatted for printing :

  • A cover page is added using your bench report title and description,
  • A table of content is generated and inserted after the cover page, before the rest of the report,
  • An appendix is appended to the bottom of the report.
  • etc.

The documentation gives a more in-depth insight about how to export a load testing report.

Exporting each item

If need be, OctoPerf also lets you export each report item separately.

You can export chart items (lines charts, pie charts, top and percentiles) as PNG files:


You can also export result and errors tables as CSV files.

Results Table

This table would be downloaded as:

"Action","Avg. response time","Total hits","Total errors"
"action-10722","2.90 sec","84 hits","84 errors"
"action-10722.resources","0.22 sec","4,116 hits","84 errors"
"action-10786","0.90 sec","83 hits","0 errors"
"action-10786.resources","0.05 sec","3,735 hits","84 errors"
"action-10846","0.92 sec","83 hits","0 errors"
"action-10846.resources","0.04 sec","4,150 hits","83 errors"
"action-10913","1.42 sec","81 hits","0 errors"
"action-10913.resources","0.08 sec","4,698 hits","82 errors"

Improved Virtual User creation

Icing on the cake, we also improved the virtual user creation. Experienced load testers would probably prefer to import virtual users using HAR archives. But newcomers often create it from URLs.

To avoid testing only the performance of their homepage, OctoPerf now parses the HTML of the given pages to fetch sub-pages. For example on the OctoPerf website, if you input only

Create Virtual User From URL

The generated virtual user will request all pages of the website, and give a more realistic load test.

Generated Virtual User

We truly hope that it will help our users improve their productivity while load testing their applications.

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