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OctoPerf 11 - Modular design, tags and improved administration

OctoPerf 11 - Modular design, tags and improved administration

Modular design

One of the things we always wanted to handle in OctoPerf is modular design. In JMeter you can use test fragments. So far when you imported fragments in OctoPerf their content was just duplicated over the original Include controller or Module controller.

But now not only can you import your modular design from JMeter but you can also create it directly in OctoPerf: Create fragments

A fragment virtual user can be seen as a library of functions. At the moment it is only possible to populate it by copy/pasting content but more options will come later.

Then inside any other virtual user of your project you can create a Link action: Link fragments You can use this to zoom on the fragment itself. That can be useful for instance to see what's the result of a virtual user validation on a test fragment.

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Versionning is always a complex question, we've already taken steps to allow you to fetch a JMeter script from Github through our Maven plugin.

But for our users that needed a simpler version of this we've worked on a tagging system for all objects in OctoPerf: Tags

If you put a tag on the project, all VUs/Runtimes/Results created will be tagged after it from now on. This way you can quickly tell apart new additions to an existing project and filter them in the list of items.

Tags can also be added manually on each item for more accuracy. Since tags are just text strings, you can even use them for other purposes like differenciating similar Virtual users.

Percentage metric

One of the oldest items in our roadmap was to add percentages for error and success rate. We've always wanted to do it but that implied being able to compute some metrics based on others and it required some work to enable it and still have fast reporting.

It is available in tables: Percent table

But also in all line charts to see how it evolves during the test: Percent chart

This is a first step for us since that's the first of a long list of computed metrics that we will be able to add on top of what JMeter provides. Stay tuned!

Better administration

This summer, we worked with our enterprise customers to add more flexibility to our admin interface.

In particular when managing a large number of users, it can get tough to keep track of all the accounts. So we've added a new screen where you can see existing users: User admin

It will allow you to activate/deactivate an account, remove it from the database, and connect as this account.

Another feature is about workspaces and providers. When using your own set of machines (aka providers) for the test, you had to attach them to a particular workspace. While this remains true, it is also possible to make the provider available to another workspace, through the new share button: Share provider

This way you do not neeed to worry about creating a workspace later in the future.

Full changelog

For the complete list of fixed bugs, please refer to 11.2 Release Notes.


This new version has fewer features than usual and comes after several months. This is because we've taken a lot of time to rework the analysis and more cool features are coming in the next versions. That being said, modular design was also a big piece of work since it can have impacts on every other feature in OctoPerf. And we wanted to take the time to handle it in a proper way. In any case, we hope you like the new features and as usual we're waiting for your feedbacks.

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