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Load Testing Blog

Why We Chose JMeter

When we started to think how to build OctoPerf, about one year ago, we had several options to create our stress testing platform:

  • Write our own HTTP engine from the ground,
  • Use command line tools like Curl,
  • Reuse an existing open-source HTTP engine, but which one? (Gatling Tool, JMeter, Grinder...)

It took us several months to choose which one was the right option. When you are building a startup, the biggest constraint is obviously Time. It is the limitation factor.

But, you must spend the right time on your product to bring value to the customers.

Writing Our own Engine from scratch

public static void main(String[] args) {, args);

Our Philosophy

We are proud to announce the opening of our Tech Blog. We really wanted to have a place to share technical thoughts openly. Why so open? Sharing technical stuff on our platform is like releaving secrets about how we built OctoPerf, our SaaS load testing tool.

OctoPerf wouldn't exist without the open-source community.