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Test camp 2019: OctoPerf in Poland

Test camp 2019: OctoPerf in Poland

For our first time in Poland, we decided to attend to TestCamp conference. TestCamp is an event-based in Wroclaw, Poland. Test Army is behind the organisation. This event was split in two days, the first one, we trained a few people on OctoPerf. The second one as exhibitor and speaker. More than 500 people attended on Saturday, which is quite an impressive number.

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OctoPerf training/workshop on Friday


We dedicated our first day to train people on OctoPerf, to create a realistic script, run a test and analyze the metrics together. Thanks to all the participants for their questions. We appreciated the interactive and dynamic training we did. At the end of the day, everybody was able to run a realistic test on OctoPerf, congrats guys!

Speaker and Exhibitor on Saturday

Our booth


Our booth in place and ready to talk about performance testing! We were the only organisation to provide a load testing solution. A lot of people were surprised to see a french company with french people here in Wroclaw. Around us, there were service companies and other specializing in functional testing.


Usually, when we attend to a conference, we communicate about Jmeter. Of course for TestCamp we kept it that way. Some people recognized JMeter and were curious about the added value we provide. We had the time to discuss with each person coming to our booth, discussing their experience with load testing and their feedback when they ran a few performance tests. It was very interesting to chat about that and give them a quick demo of OctoPerf.

Do it yourself or not?


The conference was about doing everything yourself or not and feedback from someone who did it to build a tool. A large crowd attended the conference and there were many questions, so it seems people enjoyed it. Once again the team from testuj was very nice and helped make sure everything ran smoothly.


A nice and well organised event, it was the perfect opportunity to meet our partner Test Army. It was also a good opportunity to show OctoPerf and the Octorocket to everyone. We would like to thank Damian and his team from Test Army for the organisation and the nice welcome to Poland. We enjoyed Wroclaw very much!


They even offered us a bottle of wine, bold move on their part to offer wine to french people, but we liked it a lot in the end! Our next conference in Europe is in November, the Eurostar in Prague. Meet you there?

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