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What we did these last two weeks

What we did these last two weeks

It's been a busy couple of weeks but we keep doing our best to get new features in OctoPerf.

We have worked on two topics:

  • Ease of use
  • Implementing feedbacks

User experience

Some of you probably noticed but we are working to improve the first experience with OctoPerf. At first with video tutorials which show all the features: Tutorial

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But also through a brand new guided tour:

Guided tour

Our goal has always been to make load testing as simple as possible, so we hope these will make OctoPerf even easier to handle:

Guided tour VU

Better support

Then we also felt that a good support is very important. Because a quick question can arise anytime, we wanted the ability to provide an answer to you quickly. With this in mind we implemented a live chat that gives anyone a direct channel to our support and R&D teams: Chat


One of your main feedbacks were about load generator monitoring: monitoring Now you can be sure of how many resources you currently use. Of course we take good care of the test infrastructure for you, but we also understand the need for transparency. An overloaded load generator makes a whole test result useless, so we want you to see that you can trust our infrastructure.

User rendering

And we saved the best one for last, because now with OctoPerf you can get the page load time of your application. A lot of you asked for this possibility, because it can be interesting to monitor the end user response time while running a load test.

That's why we integrated the selenium webdriver: webdriver

We will come back to these features in the next weeks to cover them in more details. As always, feel free to give us your feedback, it matters a lot to us!

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