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How to Install JMeter on Windows

JMeter isn't particularly hard to install. But that's easy to say when you've done it many times.

Basically if you want to get started with JMeter on Windows. That's great because this guide is for you! Let's see how to install JMeter on Windows.

Install Java

Check Java Version

JMeter is a Java program: the Java Virtual Machine must be installed prior to installing JMeter.

To check if Java is installed properly:

  • Open a Command-Line console by clicking on the start menu then type cmd,
  • Enter the command: java -version.

Java Version

JMeter CSS JQuery Extractor

I guess if you are here, chances are you have already visited our JMeter series on variable extraction:

There is another way to extract content from a server response: Using CSS Selectors or JQuery Selectors.

Let's see how we can leverage selectors to extract variables with JMeter!

D3.js getting started: a first tutorial

D3.js (Data-Driver Documents) is an Open-Source JavaScript library for manipulating DOM elements based on data. D3 makes use of the standards SVG, HTML5, and CSS.

It is good at creating charts, maps, or any other visual representations of data. D3.js allows great control over the final visual result, at the cost of a steep learning curve.

Some concepts must be understood before using this powerful library. That is the exact purpose of this blog post: help you to get started with D3 code samples and animated graphics.