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Soap vs Rest (Why comparing them is a nonsense)

I know you won't like this answer... But SOAP vs REST is not the right question to ask. Rest, unlike Soap, is an architectural style, not a protocol. To better understand REST, one should read RESTful Design Principles.

Okay, but Why do some people like SOAP while others love REST? Why is there such a strong emotion around those two names?

Because the best way to compare things is to compare them point by point, we have created a huge table which compares Soap to Rest with 10+ different criterias.

API Testing Tools: The Ultimate Guide (20+ Eye-Catching Reviews)

It's not a secret that choosing the right API Testing Tools can be overwhelming. And you are desperately looking for SoapUI Alternatives, I've been there too.

GUI Testing can be horribly slow, a nightmare to maintain and requires a permanent QA Engineer. It's no wonder more and more Devops oriented companies (who aim to unify software development and testing) tend to favor API Testing.

API (which means Application Programming Interface) Testing has proven to be faster and more reliable. Plus, developers can write tests too!

Looking for an ultimate guide to make your choice? Here we have made visual reviews of more than 20 Rest / Soap Testing software in one single place. No more web crawling to get an insight on all the tools!

Ready for some action? Let's go!

Java - 10+ Amazing Ways to Write to File

It's surprising to see how many different ways exist to write a File in Java! It can be quite confusing... This is why we made this tutorial. We'll explore the different ways, the best practices involved as well as the common pitfalls.

If you're wondering how to write text or binary data in a File, you're in the right place!

Java Arrays

You're probably not the first one to wonder how arrays work in Java. And you haven't found a clear answer yet! I have some good news... This post is all about understand how arrays work, how to create them, how to store data and much more. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Let's dive into the world of those mysterious arrays!

What is an Array

Java Array

Java Arrays are part of primitive types. It means an array is part of the language syntax, not a class.

An Array data structure consists of a collection of elements stored sequentially and accessible through an index (usually an integer).

Java ArrayList

I guess you're here because you want to learn how to use the ArrayList in your Java code. You're in the right place!

As explained in the Java documentation, ArrayList is:

  • A resizable array: implementing the List interface,
  • Mutable: objects can be added and/or removed,
  • Not Thread-safe: ArrayList is not suitable for concurrent access. See Thread Safety for more information.

Let's explore how to use an ArrayList through simple code examples!

How Array List Works

Dynamic Array