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Automated Subscription With Stripe

Automated Subscription With Stripe

This short post describes the modifications made to OctoPerf for its last update, and how they can let you save time while preparing your load tests.

You may need to have a large performance test done for yesterday. In such case the process to get a license with the appropriate number of virtual users must be as straightforward as possible.

Subscribing to a plan

In OctoPerf, it's a matter of minutes:

  1. Connect to OctoPerf and go to your subscriptions page.
  2. Click on the orange Subscribe button bellow the list.
  3. The subscription wizard appears:

Select plan

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There are 3 kinds of pre-established plans available in OctoPerf:

  • On Demand plans let you purchase from 3 to 5 load tests to ensure the performances of one web application. You have 6 months to use them before expiry.
  • Monthly plans are best suited if you have recurring needs in load testing. You pay each month to run performance tests regularly.
  • Quarterly plans are the same as Monthly plans but with a 3 months commitment. They are more cost effective though.

The next steps are trivial, you just need to add a credit card and enter your billing information. Then when you confirm the subscription it is added to you list, and you can use it right away.

Custom plans

You may need a specific plan with a higher number of virtual users, another amount of tests or a different duration. In such case don't hesitate to contact our Sales Team. Once we define the plan you need together, it will be available in the interface if you ever need to purchase it again.

You may of course contact us if you wish to pay by bank transfer or any other mean than credit card.

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