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JMeter 5 and OctoPerf 9.4

JMeter 5 and OctoPerf 9.4

JMeter 5 is out, be the first to test with it from the cloud with OctoPerf!

Integration of JMeter 5

Apache JMeter

This brand new version of JMeter brings a lot of new features and fixes. As usual we've worked hard to migrate all our load generators to JMeter 5 as fast as possible. Compatibility with previous scripts is still guaranteed since the number of core changes remains small.

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Results tree

The result tree is a long awaited feature displaying statistics for your entire user tree: Tree

This way you can quickly tell where the time is spent or see if you have a high error rate on a particular step. Check our analysis tips for more information on that. It is also compatible with the usual metrics available in OctoPerf. Feel free to add one even to your older test reports from the left menu.

Requests names

Naming each individual request is possible in JMeter but so far we relied on containers/transactions for this purpose. Now if you prefer to import your JMX and keep these names or just like to name requests individually, it is possible: Requests names

Sanity check improvements

We've added new warning labels to the sanity check so that you can quickly fix any issue with your scripts prior to the test: Sanity This will make the design even easier by pointing potential mistakes.

Chrome webdriver


Our webdriver plugin was a bit outdated since is was based on Firefox 47, because of that we've updated it to Chrome 68.

Final note

Although the result tree is more work than it looks like, this release is still a bit lighter than usual because of the summer break, but rest assured we are working on many new features for the end of this year! And as usual, send us your feedbacks and feature requests. Building an even nicer tool requires a lot of these.

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