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Minor version major features

Minor version major features

It's been two months since our last major release. Which is a bit more than ordinary for us. But as a result we have even more features to show this time.

And let's start with the star of this OctoPerf 8.2 release:

Custom load policy

It is now possible to create the exact load you want:

Add point

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Not only can you add points to the graph, but you can also edit them:

Edit point

Or move them around:

Move point

And that is only for one userload, keep in mind you can add up to ten of them for each test.

OctoPerf ThreadGroup

To achieve this level of detail, we had to create our own thread group. Some already existed, but none allowed to ramp up and down while controlling the number of iterations. And we don't want to remove features like this from OctoPerf. Anyway the good news is that it is also available as a JMeter plugin:

Feel free to use it and share your feedback.

Loop Controller

We keep adding more and more logic actions to increase OctoPerf native support. This time we implemented the loop controller:

Loop controller

But keep in mind any action can be imported from JMeter anyway. This just makes it more convenient to work with.

Variables in think times

We've already talked about the importance of think times in this blog. But so far it was not possible to use variables to set think times globally in OctoPerf. Which is why we fixed that: Think time

Validate VU

The validate VU is a great way to spot issues before running a real test. The problem was, we only compared the HTTP response code with the recorded one. And in some situation, error code that you also had at recording would not stand out. We fixed this by considering them as errors as well:

Validate VU

So now you will get an error if the response code is different and if it is more than 400. Don't forget that the default error control based on response codes works better when complemented with response assertions.


We reworked the notification system. Previously, notifications could get in the way in particular when you performed many actions in a row. They now have their own menu: Notifications

It is more convenient for instance to restore an action you removed a while ago.

Prometheus monitoring

We have added a new monitoring engine that can plug to an existing Prometheus agent Prometheus

This way, you can integrate with your prometheus agents to have the monitoring information in OctoPerf as well.

JMeter 4.0

We have also updated OctoPerf to support the latest version of JMeter.

In fact we did that a while ago, but only mentioned it on social networks. Not to brag, but as usual we were the first ones to update!

Level up


We hope you like the new features, be sure to stay tuned because we are working on more of them. And as always, keep sending us your feedback. The live chat in OctoPerf is the perfect way to tell us if you like it or not.

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