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New Load Testing region

New Load Testing region

We're pleased to announce today the launch of the Asia Pacific (Seoul, South Korea) region. Companies with infrastructures based in Korea can now leverage our Korean load generators to measure the performance of their applications.

Seoul, South Korea

Load tests can now be run smoothly from South Korea using Amazon Web Services. Seoul is well-known to be digital nomads friendly.

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Future expansion

Amazon Cloud Region Map

Amazon is currently extending their datacenters to the following new locations:

  • Ohio, US East,
  • United Kingdom,
  • India,
  • NingXia, China.

As usual, we will open those new locations to load test your application as soon as these are available.

New Cloud Providers

To meet a growing demand for new load testing regions, we are going to expand to new cloud providers (like DigitalOcean, or Rackspace) in the next coming months.

Thanks to our dockerized infrastructure, we are already cloud-provider agnostic so feel free to contact us if you want to see your favourite cloud-provider in OctoPerf.

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