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Summertime update: OctoPerf 9.2

Summertime update: OctoPerf 9.2

Wondering what's new in OctoPerf? You've come to the right place. Don't worry I know you have plans for summer so I will keep it short.

New Features

Private hosts

Private hosts

OctoPerf now allows using your own Amazon Web Services or Digital Ocean account. This way OctoPerf will automatically start the load generators for you in your private cloud. And of course we will start them on demand and stop them once the test is finished. OctoPerf manages the entire test lifecycle remotely. Thanks to this you only get billed for the duration of the test.

It also works with Elastic/Floating IP adresses in case you need to whitelist them in advance.

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World Map Selector

Picking a load generator from a dropdown list is good. But we felt like it could be so much easier with a nice map:

World map selector

You can also place your own private locations on the globe from the providers menu. This way you can still use the map with your private hosts.

Load policy templates

The custom load policies we introduced earlier in OctoPerf offer a lot of flexibility. But we realized that most of the time it's either steps or ramp up and down.

So we figured we could also offer these curves as load policies templates:

Load policy templates

The "+" button adds steps to the curve so that you can add as many as you want and then change the total number of users. With these templates you can create any load curve in minutes.

Time filter on results

It's always been possible to zoom inside a graph. But that was not possible on the result tables. To fix that we've added a time filter on reports for instance to exclude high response times during the warm up or zoom on a particular step of your stepping load: Time filter on results

Step by step validation

A great improvement with this update is regarding the Virtual User validation. Previously you had to wait until it's finished to get a status on each requests. The main issue with that is that if one of your requests is slow it could take long for you to get the feedback and be able to fix it.

Which is why we now display it as it goes. Once a request is done you will be able to check its response right away while the others are being replayed: Step  by step validation This will save a lot of time while you design your Virtual Users.

JMeter plugins auto import

A big problem with importing your JMX in OctoPerf was that you had to add the plugin files manually to the files menu. To fix this we now automatically download your plugins from JMeter plugins JMeter plugins auto import Other plugins still have to be imported manually but that will already save you a lot of time.


Once again with this update we hope to make your experience in OctoPerf even better. We are working on many other things so you can expect even more from our next versions. And as always, keep sending us your feedback they are invaluable to us.

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