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Search and replace in HTTP actions feature review

The latest version of OctoPerf comes with an improvement to the Search HTTP actions: You can now replace values in the flagged HTTP requests actions!

How it works

You could already flag HTTP actions that match some search criteria, for example:

  • HTTP actions with a specific header's name,
  • HTTP actions with a particular query parameter's value,
  • POST requests whose content contains some data,
  • etc.

Search header by name

Collaborative JMeter Testing

Performance Tester Teams struggle to share their work when using JMeter. Sharing JMeter projects can be a tedious task. OctoPerf solves this issue by allowing Teams to share their load tests.

Workspaces allow teams to share JMeter projects (Virtual Users, Scenarios and test reports). A Workspace is a collection of projects accessible by one or more people with different rights.

Workspace members have different rights depending on their role:

  • Administrators has access to everything,
  • Testers can do anything except managing the workspace members,
  • Viewers can only view the content of a workspace.

OctoPerf becomes a JMeter Performance Center for QA Testing Teams who want to scale.

An Amazing Year

2016 was an exciting year for OctoPerf! We’ve really pushed the platform to an all new level thanks to your amazing feedback. It's been over a year and a half now working towards a more accessible performance testing solution built for literally everyone. Being a new player in this market can be a real challenge, but it’s also quite rewarding when you receive so much positive attention. Since so much has transpired in 2016, we would like to take a moment to summarize all the cool features we’ve added this past year:

On-Premise agent

First, we must remember that when 2016 began, OctoPerf only executed tests from the cloud. But we had to address both types of customers that either wish to test from the cloud and those that require infrastructure monitoring along with tests results. In this quickly evolving market, it was very important for OctoPerf to be able to address both of these customer’s requirements as quickly as possible.

New cloud provider

We have been listening to all your nice feedbacks this last year and decided it was time to implement a new cloud provider in our platform. That's why we are excited to announce that OctoPerf now supports Digital Ocean.

Cloud is not AWS only

Running large tests from AWS is quite easy and their platform is very powerful but:

  • Testing an application hosted in AWS from AWS machines is not entirely realistic because of dedicated connections between datacenters,
  • The AWS regions are nice but don't give a complete worldwide coverage,
  • Even AWS can be overloaded at certain peak periods.

In these cases, it is important to be able to run load from an external location so that the tests remain realistic.

OctoPerf built-in monitoring

At the root of the OctoPerf project is the will to provide realistic load testing. We continue to take steps to improve the JMeter experience and make it accessible. But there's a limit to what pure performance testing can achieve.

To push this limit it is vital to assess what happens on the hardware during the tests.

More realism

Of course, a realistic test must reproduce the users expected behavior, but that's not all. Once your test is running you need to know what is happening to your servers if you want to fix bottlenecks. This is something that always bothered us when launching only the load from OctoPerf.