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JMeter 5 and OctoPerf 9.4

JMeter 5 is out, be the first to test with it from the cloud with OctoPerf!

Integration of JMeter 5

Apache JMeter

This brand new version of JMeter brings a lot of new features and fixes. As usual we've worked hard to migrate all our load generators to JMeter 5 as fast as possible. Compatibility with previous scripts is still guaranteed since the number of core changes remains small.

Summertime update: OctoPerf 9.2

Wondering what's new in OctoPerf? You've come to the right place. Don't worry I know you have plans for summer so I will keep it short.

New Features

Private hosts

Private hosts

OctoPerf now allows using your own Amazon Web Services or Digital Ocean account. This way OctoPerf will automatically start the load generators for you in your private cloud. And of course we will start them on demand and stop them once the test is finished. OctoPerf manages the entire test lifecycle remotely. Thanks to this you only get billed for the duration of the test.

It also works with Elastic/Floating IP adresses in case you need to whitelist them in advance.

OctoPerf v9: The New Unified Docker Agent

OctoPerf Enterprise-Edition is OctoPerf fully installable on your own hardware. Up to OctoPerf v8.x.x, OctoPerf EE uses Rancher to manage load generators.

After multiple setup sessions with our customers, we came to the conclusion that we needed to improve the way load generators and monitoring agents are managed. We had to make core improvements to make OctoPerf EE much easier to install. Let's see:

  • How OctoPerf currently works and why it's not optimal,
  • And the changes we've made in the upcoming OctoPerf v9.0.0 to greatly improve the situation.

Let's go!

Historical Changes

2014-2015: Apache Mesos Agent

Singularity on Apache Mesos

Why the hell have we based OctoPerf on Rancher? That's a fair question I'm going to answer.

Initially, back in 2015, when we released OctoPerf's first version, it was based on Apache Mesos and Singularity. As explained on their website today:

Nothing compares to OctoPerf v8

We know it's unhealthy to compare yourself to others.

In particular since it is the time for new year's resolutions and this looks like a good candidate.

There's even a famous quote that states:

But sadly, tests results in OctoPerf won't get this chance. Now you can compare up to 4 test results in OctoPerf! We've also improved our UI again to make a better use of the space available.

Allow me to give you a tour.