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Server Monitoring

Sometimes a feature changes everything.

Over the past year, you have been numerous to try OctoPerf, to use it for your testing projects and to share about it. We want to thank you for your amazing support! Your confidence has given us the energy to grow and to develop new features.

Today, we are proud to announce you we released a major functionality for your tests: The server monitoring.

Infrastructure Monitoring

We're proud to introduce brand new analysis metrics. Load generators monitoring has been asked frequently and we felt like it was something crucial missing in load testing reports. By providing monitoring metrics for every load generator during the load test, you can quickly get an overview of all load generators health.

Although we take care of the infrastructure, these information are important to the performance tester: he can quickly pinpoint if a slow down is due to its infrastructure or due to a load generator being overhelmed. These metrics are crucial for us to further tune the capacity of the machines being launched.

The following hardware usage metrics are available.

  • CPU Usage (%): cpu usage per machine in percent,
  • Memory Usage (%): RAM usage per machine in percent.

The following network metrics are available:

  • Network received (Bytes): incoming network traffic,
  • Network sent (Bytes): outgoing network traffic,
  • TCP Connections Established: number of active TCP connections, typically grows with number of active users,
  • TCP Segment Retransmits: TCP segments being retransmitted due to network issues.

Those metrics will greatly help to understand if load generators or the tested infrastructure have reached a bottleneck.

Browser-based Load Testing

We are proud to announce that we now support running real browser load testing alongside with regular HTTP load testing. We have integrated the JMeter Selenium WebDriver to our platform. It's now possible to run JMeter load tests as well as Selenium webdriver tests simultaneously. Collect both network metrics like response time and end-use experience metrics like browser load time.

Octoperf removes the pain of load testing your app with Selenium with our Saas integration. We setup and launch properly configured machines for you, with pre-configured latest Firefox web browser.

How it works

The following diagram sums up how Selenium drives any existing web-browser.

Selenium Architecture

What we did these last two weeks

It's been a busy couple of weeks but we keep doing our best to get new features in OctoPerf.

We have worked on two topics:

  • Ease of use
  • Implementing feedbacks

User experience

Some of you probably noticed but we are working to improve the first experience with OctoPerf. At first with video tutorials which show all the features: Tutorial

New features and improvements

This blog post aims to resume all the cool new features and improvements we've made to OctoPerf since the beginning of the year.


Improvements and features in this section are related to the online virtual user design exclusive to OctoPerf.

Enable / Disable actions

This is a must-have to quickly rework any existing virtual user. Any action can now be disabled to prevent it from being executed when running the virtual user. Actions no longer need to be removed from the virtual user to be taken out of the execution. This feature is especially useful to debug virtual users by running repeated validations.

Enable / Disable actions