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Load Testing Reports Exporting

This short post describes the modifications made to OctoPerf for its last update, and how they can help you save time while load testing.

Our goal is, and has always been, to ease the work of load testers. Creating test reports using Word / Excel can take a lot of time.

Exporting the report

That's why we automated this process in OctoPerf, our load testing solution. Even as your performance bench is running, you can edit the generated report:

  • List errors to check that your virtual users are properly configured,
  • Add various charts to identify performance bottleneck,
  • Insert text to explain what could be donne to improve response times,
  • Give your conclusions to the stakeholders.

You can have a complete test report, ready to be delivered, as soon as the bench ends. And now, you can directly export it from OctoPerf into a PDF file.

New Load Testing Reports features

Why improving our reporting system? We were aware that some features were missing to make it easier to drill-down to bottlenecks. But, we prioritized those features low at the moment because we were focused on gaining traction for now.

If you have read How we greatly improved User Engagement, you know that we care about our customer needs. We carefully collect and prioritize customer feedbacks. And, at some point, we decided to get back to development to make some major improvements, based on what our customers experienced with our tool.

It's a matter of good balance between gaining traction to get new clients and improving the tool to avoid loosing leads. If people try your tool, it's already 50% of the work done. But, the other 50% are important too: our tool must solve our customer issues, and it must do it well.

We decided it was the moment to switch back to development because we were loosing some leads due to important features being missing. Let's take the tour!

How we greatly improved user engagement

The goal of any Saas Application is to convert as many trials as possible to paid customers. To improve your application, what do you absolutely need? Feedback. We are using a live chat support app to get feedback on how users are using our SaaS app.

We were greatly surprised by the results. Many of our users were stuck at the very first step of load testing their web or mobile app. We discovered several issues:

  • Customers were proposed to create an empty virtual user as first choice. Many of them were then stuck with this empty user, not knowing what to do next,
  • Customers were not finding how to return to project homepage from the virtual users edition page,
  • We are only collecting email when user are registering to improve visitor to trial conversion rate. We have then a lack of information about users, and need to find a way to get them later.

Let me explain now how we greatly improved our user engagement and trial conversion rate by fixing the above points.

Why we embrace remote work

The world population has grown by 30% since 1990, going from 5 to 7 billions people. The distance from workplace to residence tends to increase due to the life cost within cities, like in San Francisco, where someone is renting a backyard tent for 899$ per month, for people willing to have a temporary home until finding a decent one.

Why should we stay at a single place when having a digital company like ours? Why are companies requiring people to be at work 9am-6pm? Isn't there something we can do to make people happier and healthier?

I feel like, as a Digital worker, that we shouldn't be constrained to work at a single location. While you still need to meet each other from time to time, people moving to workplace is inefficient.

Commuting hell

Work Commute

I've been in San Francisco Bay a few years ago and have been astonished by how many people were driving to their workplace, alone in their cars. The same happens here in South France. I commuted to work for many years, spending countless hours in traffic jams. The time spent commuting is purely wasted. You can't do anything when you are driving your car. It's a little better when using public transports since you can do something else while on your way.

How to burn 50k dollars trying to save a few hundreds

You are a brand new startup. No cash flows in at the moment. What are you trying to do? Survive. You are saving every single penny to last as long as possible. You stick with free tools, or stay with freemium plans. Are you really saving money by doing this?

How it happens

Once your startup launch is successful, you're growing fast and are rapidly acquiring new customers. As it grows, the tools you used at the beginning are less and less adapted to your changing needs.

You begin to look for alternative tools to complete the job. The open-source load testing tools hardly scales as the number of simulated users explode.