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Soak Test – A Practical Example

As performance testers Soak Testing is a test that is often overlooked.

We always think of Peak Volume tests and we always like to push the system to its limits in the form of a Scalability Test but often the Soak Test is forgotten about.

It’s a great test and it tells you many critical aspects about your application under load, things that no other test can and is critical in determining if you application is fit for production.

What is it?

It’s a test that run for a long period of time, what is a long period of time .. well it depends upon your application, organisation, production requirements, appetite for testing….

OctoPerf 10 is out

It has been a few months since the last update post and as you will see we have been quite busy. Let's not waste any time and look first into the most obvious change of them all.

Some of you may have already noticed that we updated our logo last week. A simpler text logo like we had before did not feel fitting anymore. The new Octo-rocket logo will take our favorite octopus higher than never before. To make good on this promise we have also released a lot of new features!

JMeter Properties: Configurable Test Plans

Your company probably runs JMeter test plans on a regular basis. Tests constantly need to be adjusted to change settings like concurrent users or test duration. Editing the JMX is time consuming and error prone.

It's painful, especially if you run test using Continuous Integration as part of a Shift-Left strategy. Thankfully, there is a way!

Let me guide you through all the options to design flexible JMeter test plans using configurable properties.

Why Configurable Tests

JMeter performance test plans are now commonly being executed throughout the development lifecycle as part of:

  • pipelines to focus on a particular service or user journey,
  • Isolated component testing as part of development activities,
  • And agile Shift-Left performance testing: testing earlier during the development cycle.

Networking with OctoPerf 9.6

Since our last post about OctoPerf 9.4, we've been working on a lot of different subjects. As usual, you can find all the details in our changelog, but let's have a look at the key improvements.

IP Spoofing

IP Spoofing

IP Spoofing is a technique used to impersonate another computing system. In performance testing it is interesting when you face a load-balancer or anti DDOS mechanism that requires each virtual user to have a different IP. We were previously having trouble with it because of the way we use docker to run our agents. But we finally figured a way to make it work with our new agent. Of course it will only be possible with an On-premise agent since having loads of IPs in the cloud would not be possible. But the setup is very easy, you just have to declare the IPs on the agent machine and then use our interface to link them to your script.

Starwest 2018: Our Feedback

Starwest was the third and the last stage of our American Expo tour. Last, but not least, Starwest is known for being one of the largest conference and expo in the Software testing industry.

Like past year, the 2018 edition was organized in Anaheim, California, at the Disney convention center. Techwell is behind the organization of this main event.

Quite a long trip for us to fly from south of France to the west coast. But on paper it was supposed to be a good call since about 1000 attendees were registered for the show, as well as 54 exhibitors.

And frankly speaking, the opportunity to spend some time in California is always a good incentive!