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Mastering JMeter Csv Data Set Config

You're probably asking several legitimate questions:

  • How can I simulate concurrent users with unique logins using JMeter ?
  • How can I split JMeter CSV Data Set over multiple load generators in case of Remote Testing?
  • Is there a solution to Randomize the content of the CSV before a test run?

Let me tell you a secret: you'll get all the answers below.

You will learn how to swarm your system with dynamically behaving users thanks to JMeter CSV Data Set Config.

Ready to make a leap forward in your JMeter skills? Let's get to the business.

Nothing compares to OctoPerf v8

We know it's unhealthy to compare yourself to others.

In particular since it is the time for new year's resolutions and this looks like a good candidate.

There's even a famous quote that states:

But sadly, tests results in OctoPerf won't get this chance. Now you can compare up to 4 test results in OctoPerf! We've also improved our UI again to make a better use of the space available.

Allow me to give you a tour.

JMeter response assertion

When running a protocol based load test with JMeter, it is always a challenge to make sure the server responses are correct. The default validation is only done on HTTP response codes based on their value:

OK < 400 <= KO

And since 4XX and 5XX HTTP response codes are error messages it makes sense. But it's easy to understand why this is not enough.

How to Find a Business Idea

Before revealing the secrets behind every successful business idea to you, let's first dive into the story of some of the most successful business men who bootstraped their companies.

Philip Knight (Nike)

Philip Knight, originating from Oregon, is a runner. He deeply embraces this sport since he is young. Running six miles a day, he enjoys the relaxation you feel when completing a new milestone. The endorphins build up in your body, giving you this joyful sensation of being completely relaxed and safe. Philip is the creator of Nike, one of the most successful sports shoe (and now sportswear) company.

Philip is a shoe dog: someone who is literally obsessed by shoes. His coach Bowerman, who cofounded Nike, formerly Blue Ribbon, with him is also a shoe dog. Bowerman likes to spend countless hours designing and improving existing shoes to improve his runners performances. As Philip is a runner, and Bowerman a runner coach, both are deeply connected to the runners world. They know the pain it can be to run with inappropriate shoes.

Philip later went to Japan, after backpacking around the world for more than a year, to visit a Japanese factory located in Onitsuka. He discovered there, in Kobe, one of the most advanced japanese running shoe, named the Tiger. He decides to talk to the factory owner about importing those shoes to the United-States. Nike is now a 30 billion dollars business.

Do you see where we are heading to? Probably not yet, but you're already half on the way. Let's talk about smaller success story.