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Load Testing Blog

Performance Testing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We are going to look at how performance testing can work hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

  • We will look at how we can use data gathered from performance test scenarios during execution to determine what functionality and what concurrent volumes and load profiles we should be testing.
  • We will use very simple mathematical models to do this in conjunction with a very simple database model with several manual steps to simulate the machine learning.

As there are many Artificial Intelligence solutions to choose from and for the purposes of this post this is the easiest way to discuss the principles of Artificial Intelligence working with performance testing rather than discussing a particular framework.

Angular Performance Optimization - Virtual Scroll

This is the third blog post dedicated to Angular performance optimizations. In the previous one we saw how to set the ChangeDetectionStrategy of a component to improve the performances of a simple web application that displays a list of 100000 books (a simple component that shows a title and an author).

ChangeDetectionStrategy.OnPush strategy doubled the performances of said application, but there is still room for improvement. Indeed, rendering this many elements can be slow in any web browser.

So the subject of the current blog post is how to use virtual-scrolling to improve the performances of an Angular application?