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How to Install JMeter on Windows

JMeter isn't particularly hard to install. But that's easy to say when you've done it many times.

Basically if you want to get started with JMeter on Windows. That's great because this guide is for you! Let's see how to install JMeter on Windows.

Install Java

Check Java Version

JMeter is a Java program: the Java Virtual Machine must be installed prior to installing JMeter.

To check if Java is installed properly:

  • Open a Command-Line console by clicking on the start menu then type cmd,
  • Enter the command: java -version.

Java Version

JMeter CSS JQuery Extractor

I guess if you are here, chances are you have already visited our JMeter series on variable extraction:

There is another way to extract content from a server response: Using CSS Selectors or JQuery Selectors.

Let's see how we can leverage selectors to extract variables with JMeter!

JMeter Plugins Installation Guide

Struggling with JMeter Plugins setup? Need some help? Good news: you're in good hands.

Let's guide you through the steps to install and manage JMeter Plugins on top of your JMeter. If you don't have JMeter already, please Download and Install JMeter first.

This tutorial fully covers the following points:

  • Download and install JMeter Plugins Manager,
  • Install, Upgrade and Remove JMeter Plugins through JMeter UI,
  • and Which JMeter Plugins you should use.

Pretty interesting, isn't it?

JMeter Tutorial For Beginners

You are probably looking for a tutorial to quickly learn how to use JMeter.

You have already read many other JMeter Tutorials, but the only thing which comes to your mind is... Boring.

That's great because this Huge Tutorial will teach you in a way you don't fall asleep:

  • What JMeter Is: Learn what a Load Testing Tool is,
  • How It Works: get introduced to the concepts behind the tool and know the JMeter features,
  • How to Setup the Tool: learn how to install and run JMeter,
  • How to Build a Test Plan: JMeter Test Plan is the root for all tests, learn how to create your own,
  • How to Run Your First Test: We're going to unleash JMeter's power,
  • How to design dynamically behaving users by extracting content from server responses,
  • Finally, How to Collect and Analyze Results: gathering response times and analyzing the target website performance.

I promise, at the end of this tutorial, JMeter won't have any secret for you anymore! And, it will be fun too.