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Fix JMeter SNI Issue

SNI is the acronym for Server Name Indication:

Server Name Indication (SNI) is an extension to the TLS computer networking protocol by which a client indicates which hostname it is attempting to connect to at the start of the handshaking process.

SNI extension may not work with legacy web-servers who doesn't support it. Fortunately, SNI extension can be disabled in JMeter. JMeter is a Java program. Java has enabled SNI support in Java 7. The issue is typically displayed in JMeter as an SSLHandshakeException, with message like handshake_failure or handshake alert: unrecognized_name.

JMeter uses HTTPClient to perform Http Requests. HttpClient uses the Java JDK SSL support mechanism. Therefore, disabling SNI support in the Java Virtual Machine will disable SNI in HttpClient.

How to Use JMeter While Controller

JMeter's While controller is best suited for advanced scripts which simulate realistic user behaviors. It allows to define a behavior which occurs on a certain condition. Designing realistic behaving users involves designing users whose behavior depends on the server responses, and act accordingly.

This post explores in details various JMeter While usages and explains them thoroughly.

While Controller

Reusable Sample JMeter Scripts

This blog post aims to be a collection of sample JSR223, Beanshell and other useful reusable scripts. Use them freely in your JMeter projects to leverage the power of JMeter! Reuse them in JSR223 samplers directly as is, or modify them to fit your needs.

Many other example JSR223 samples can be found in our documentation.

Log a Message"This is the log for INFOR level");
log.warn("This is the log for WARNING level");
log.error("This is the log for ERROR level");

How to Install JMeter on a Mac

You have always wanted to use JMeter, on your Mac, but you don't know how to get started. You might have downloaded JMeter so far, so now how do you get that software installed, up and running? Running a Java program on a Mac isn't obvious so we are going to explain how to install and run JMeter within minutes using a few command lines.

The great thing is JMeter is a Java program. Java programs are designed to be portable to Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Install HomeBrew

First, we are going to install HomeBrew:

Homebrew is a package manager for MacOS. It enables the user to install / update / remove applications at ease with a nice command line interface.

Enable Gzip Compression In JMeter

You're probably asking yourself: How can I enable Compression support in JMeter?

JMeter can use up to 10x more bandwidth when compression is disabled.

Learn how to configure JMeter to support Request and Response Compression like GZip.

HTTP Compression

As explained on HTTP Compression, the client advertises itself as capable of handling various compression formats:

GET /encrypted-area HTTP/1.1
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate