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Importing Postman requests to Octoperf

You may have spent a considerable amount of time configuring Postman requests for your in-house API tests, and you wish to use them without having to create them again from scratch on Octoperf.

That's one of the many situations where Octoperf's compatibility with Jmeter is going to come in a handy.


A new and faster way to import Postman Collections has been implemented in Octoperf.

You can find more information here.

Postman to Jmeter

The first step will be to convert your requests into a JMeter-friendly format, using Postman Code Generation Snippet :


Load Profiles in Performance Testing

When we think of performance testing we normally think of thousands of requests with thousands of users generating huge volumes on our application under test or increasing the load until the application under test fails or runs out of resources.

This is not a good approach when determining load for your performance tests for several reasons and can in some cases render your performance testing meaningless.

This post will outline some of the pitfalls that are commonly made when it comes to generating load and will look at ways to suggest improvements to your approach to load profiles.

Using custom JAR files in JMeter

JMeter has many plug-ins and downloadable JAR Files you can use to support your testing, it is also possible to write your own custom Jar files and use these as well.

Why would you want to do that, you may say, well whilst it is unlikely that you would need to create anything too complicated.

You may feel the need to create utilities to support your own in-house performance testing or just something to make your testing process easier.

We could easily write a custom Jar file to push the results of test run to any reporting tools your organisation uses, if they expose their API's, at the end of the test execution cycle.

Alternatively, you could write something that sends your results to a mail server or web server for the purposes of results distribution.

For the purposes of this post lets imagine a situation where your company has a dashboard technology that displays the status of development builds or testing progress through a series of APIs, there are many examples of these type of status boards and they are common in many technology departments.

And let’s write a JAR file to output our JMeter test results in the form of JSON which can be sent to this imaginary endpoint we will then use the Custom Class we create in a JMeter test script.

Let’s get started!

OctoPerf 11.9 - Azure on demand, new JMeter, setup/teardown threadgroups and more

Here we are for yet another new release of OctoPerf. We've actually released two minor versions since the last update post, but this time we will also release a long awaited feature, Microsoft Azure on demand load generators!

We kept it in our beta version for a while since we wanted to be absolutely sure it can be used for proper testing. We are quite satisfied with it at the moment, but note that the agent startup time is much longer on azure than on other providers, you should expect to wait a few more minutes if you are using it.

Of course we also have other new and exciting features to share, so let's dive into it.


Azure load generators


As stated in the introduction, you can now select Azure load generators from the locations tab of your runtime profile. This opens up a lot of new locations and will help you test your applications under even more realistic conditions than before.

Of course it comes with all the usual features like retry on agent startup failed and load generator monitoring live during the test.

Decathlon - Case study

Decathlon is a network of innovative retail chains and brands providing enjoyment for all sports people.

At Decathlon, 85,000 of co-workers live a common Purpose on a daily basis: To sustainably make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the many.

Decathlon presently operates in 58 countries in Retail with more than 1654 sport hypermarkets, and in 26 countries with Production.

At Decathlon, innovation is at the heart of all activities: from research to retail, including conception, design, production and logistics. Signed sport teams channel all their energy into developing technical, good-looking and simple products, always at the lowest possible prices.

These products are aimed at all sports enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, and are sold at Decathlon.

Nicolas Zangari
Nicolas Zangari, the digital platform manager at Decathlon was actively looking for better, simpler load testing solutions than legacy tools.
Nicolas had previously heard about OctoPerf during a french testing event called JFTL.
He was looking out for a tool for his project since the RFID API was being redesigned and would soon require testing.