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Load Testing Blog

Test automation with OctoPerf's API

Even though automation is not always the best solution, you can still use some to save time on your day to day chores. And since OctoPerf is a GUI based tool we sometimes get remarks on how "unpractical" or "not devops friendly" this can be. Although I do not agree and still think that even a devops has better things to do than learning another coding language to test his code, I'd like to prove that even a GUI driven tool can be used to automate your testing.

So how does it works

And there's a simple reason for that, our backend is made of REST services. So anything that can be done through the GUI can be achieved with REST calls. That does not necessarily means that the work of our front end engineers is useless (they don't take criticism well so let's skip it) but rather that anything you need to do is possible. For today I'd like to automate a simple case to show you: updating the list of users and running a test. This is something you might want to do as part of your continuous integration pipeline, and making sure the list of users is up to date is definitely a plus when it comes to avoiding/analyzing errors. You can find the swagger of our REST api in the documentation or directly here:

API documentation

Search and replace in HTTP actions feature review

The latest version of OctoPerf comes with an improvement to the Search HTTP actions: You can now replace values in the flagged HTTP requests actions!

How it works

You could already flag HTTP actions that match some search criteria, for example:

  • HTTP actions with a specific header's name,
  • HTTP actions with a particular query parameter's value,
  • POST requests whose content contains some data,
  • etc.

Search header by name

Collaborative JMeter Testing

Performance Tester Teams struggle to share their work when using JMeter. Sharing JMeter projects can be a tedious task. OctoPerf solves this issue by allowing Teams to share their load tests.

Workspaces allow teams to share JMeter projects (Virtual Users, Scenarios and test reports). A Workspace is a collection of projects accessible by one or more people with different rights.

Workspace members have different rights depending on their role:

  • Administrators has access to everything,
  • Testers can do anything except managing the workspace members,
  • Viewers can only view the content of a workspace.

OctoPerf becomes a JMeter Performance Center for QA Testing Teams who want to scale.

Load testing without think times?

There are a few key parameters that you must control in order to launch relevant tests. I believe think time is one of those, and it is so often overlooked that I would like to take some time to highlight what it stands for. Any quick search on your favorite search engine will tell you that think times in load testing are meant to reproduce human interaction time. As a load testing script is usually composed of a list of requests, it's easy to understand how replaying them with think time is one more step toward a realistic behavior. But this doesn't mean it's easy to understand how to use and configure it.